My final Winter Garden piece is now available to download and print out (it’s a square, so you might want to crop it to make it look even prettier!)  I hope you enjoy it!

The Word Garden is almost fully grown, but there’ll be a few more posts about some work I’ve been doing with local primary schools, and Tania Kovat’s Floating Garden, so do come back and check those out.


I’ve been working on my final Winter Garden piece – here’s a sneak preview! The rest to come very soon…

I’m still working on my final Winter Garden piece, which should be ready in a couple of weeks…

For now, here’s a sneak preview of some gorgeous work done by Saturn Class at St John The Evangelist School in Islington, inspired by London Fieldworks’ fabulous sculpture in Duncan Terrace.

and pause….


image: polkabike

I’ll be taking a break from my winter garden blogging, as we move into spring. I’ll be working ‘offline’ on a final winter garden piece, which will be available to download towards the end of April.

There is a reason why daffodils are shaped like trumpets.

Of course, no-one has committed to anything, not yet. They carry too heavy coats over their arms, and tuck scarves and umbrellas into bulging bags. But everyone has remembered: birdsong, bluebells, buds; opening curtains onto sunlit streets; the smell of grass. They lift their faces skywards as they walk, and pull their breath a little deeper.

He planted daffodils when she was sleeping, basked in her delight as they raised their shoots between the blades of grass. Now they crowd the garden, yellow trumpets on green stilts, heralding spring.

Inspired by Regine’s answer to the question What would feature in your winter garden?

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