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They’re coots she says, not moorhens. It’s a matter of white or red – the kind of thing her mother-in-law would get right. It chimes with you too – school days and spotting guides. You tell yourself coot rhymes with root, shoot, fruit, and all through that wet evening, and the long grey journey home, you think about the colour green.

Inspired by the launch of  Tania Kovats’ HABITAT – a Floating Garden, on 20th July 2011


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They build their nest in the shade. Neither stop to wonder if this structure they have found is a tree, or another nest, or a piece of art, or maybe something in between. He collects, she arranges. A private island in a prime location – water and green, fishermen and factories, banisters and benches. It is a good enough place to raise a family.

On land, there are others building homes – cranes and scaffolding, metal and stone, glass and dreams. These are islands too, of a sort; nests too, of a sort – four-walled, roof-tiled, gardenless.

Home is a moveable feast, woven from things picked up along the way. Re-configured. Re-arranged. Memories locked into furniture, cushion covers, kitchen utensils, plant pots – do you remember when….?

Inspired by Tania Kovats’ HABITAT – a Floating Garden, where I saw 2 moorhens building a nest on Wednesday 29 June 2011

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