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They build their nest in the shade. Neither stop to wonder if this structure they have found is a tree, or another nest, or a piece of art, or maybe something in between. He collects, she arranges. A private island in a prime location – water and green, fishermen and factories, banisters and benches. It is a good enough place to raise a family.

On land, there are others building homes – cranes and scaffolding, metal and stone, glass and dreams. These are islands too, of a sort; nests too, of a sort – four-walled, roof-tiled, gardenless.

Home is a moveable feast, woven from things picked up along the way. Re-configured. Re-arranged. Memories locked into furniture, cushion covers, kitchen utensils, plant pots – do you remember when….?

Inspired by Tania Kovats’ HABITAT – a Floating Garden, where I saw 2 moorhens building a nest on Wednesday 29 June 2011


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